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Anita McAulay has two different series of Self Help Talks available for your help and inspiration!

'Self Help' Series is for emotional management and spiritual strengthening for topics such as anger or self image. You think about and admit issues, and get inspired to move forward, conquer and succeed. The talks are Holistic, addressing body soul and spirit. Take a look at the various subjects.

The other Series 'What God Says' is spiritual readings from stories and quotes in the Bible.  These readings can bring hope, healing, inspiration, and spiritual teaching and satisfaction. The peace of mind you can experience as you rest and listen is awesome!

Anita's talks are structured, clear and easy to follow. You can find out more about the various types and subjects of the Self Help Talks by taking a look at the new webstore.

To enquire about bringing Anita to speak at your group or event please contact her here

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